Female - Standard Grey

Maggy - Standard Grey Female Name:  Maggy
Sex:   Female
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth:   (Sometime before 2002)

History:  Maggy, Tuffy and their baby Bear were brought to Alta Chins in November of 2002.  Their previous owner had put them in the trunk of her car for their trip to Alta Chins, so we are pretty sure that they weren't cared for as well as they should have been.  The woman said that their other baby had been eaten by a dog.   She was pregnant and little thin when she came to live here, but she was, for the most part healthy.

Adopted on:  1-28-2003
Adopted from:  Alta Chins - Westlock, Alberta - Canada


Bear - Standard Grey Male
Misa - Standard Grey Female - birth wt. 59 gms
Valda - Standard Grey Female - birth wt. 57 gms
Minna - Standard Grey Female - birth wt. 53 gms
Rana - Standard Grey Female - birth wt. 48 gms
Rena - Standard Grey Female - birth wt. 52 gms
Reno - Standard Grey Male - birth wt. 39 gms

Date Sold:  1-26-2004
Sold To:  New River, Arizona
Purchase Price:
  (Sold with Rana for $55)

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